A travel enthusiast and future millionaire empowering first-gen Latinas to live a guilt-free life

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Consultation ​Services

Book a 30-minute session to begin investing & planning your next trip

Consulting Services

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Female Solo Travel

Let’s book your first solo trip or girls trip

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Personal Finance

Lets talk about paying back your debt and begin your investing journey

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Academic & Career Development

Let’s chat about grad school and landing that new job

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My Investment Journey

I was once in $20k in credit card debt and did everything in my ​power to never be in that situation again.

Since 2017, I've been investing 20% of my income into my portfolio. In 2023, I achieved ​Coast FIRE (financial independence, retire early) which means I will “coast” to ​millionaire status without any future contributions.

In less than 5 years, I'll pay off my only debt, student loans, and aim for my Lean FIRE ​goal of 1 million dollars in 15 years. In 24 years, I’ll reach Fat FIRE, in which I’ll have $2.5 ​million dollars.

Begin tracking your expenses and understand your FIRE timeline with my free template.

English and Spanish E-book COMING SOON!

Ready for trips like this?




Valle de Guadalupe


Costa Rica

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Ready to travel guilt-free? Begin investing your ​way to FIRE? Book a one-on-one session with me ​below

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Travel guilt-free and become the Rich Tia.

San Diego, ca

Giving Rich Tia Energy

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Make a copy of free budgeting spreadsheet and FIRE calculator. ​Working on the mega dashboard, coming soon!

Take a look at all the consulting services I offer - from persnalized ​travel planning to group travel coordination and personal finance ​fta​ilored to your needs.

Schedule 1:1 Consultation

Reserve your spot to chat and begin planning your dream trip, start ​invetsing, or both.